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Body Waxing

Hair removal has become a growth industry. For waxers, threaders and laser hair-removal specialists, business is booming. Not only are more of us removing our body and facial hair, we are removing more hair than ever before.
Every year, around £25m is spent on over the counter hair removal products. And specialist waxing salons have reported a tenfold increase in business in five years.
Areas getting pruned include your eyebrows, lip, chin, underarms, full arm, including hands and fingers, full leg, including toes, the lower back, the tummy, a Brazilian or Hollywood bikini wax and, ahem, my bottom and you can even have your nostrils waxed.

How Waxing Remove the Hair?

Body Waxing is the best and more popular way of Hair removal .
Waxes work by sticking to hair, removing it at the root when the wax is pulled off and it can last between 2-4 weeks for the hair to come back.
Pain free wax is a myth and it can be painful but the using technique , technician’s experience and the type of the using wax has very important affect in pain level.
Normally after few times waxing and if you already stopped Shaving , you can notice that Hair coming back slower and lighter .
Most people they Love their skin’s smooth feeling after the wax and that is the main reason to not to go for Ipl or other permanent Hair removal techniques.

What is the Difference Between Hot wax & Strip Wax

Strip wax is what most people think of when you mention waxing. It’s runny wax that’s applied in a thin layer using a disposable wooden spatula stick. Hair is then immediately removed by rubbing a disposable strip against it and quickly peeling it off.

Hot wax is typically thicker in the pot and is applied thickly too. Like with strip wax, your therapist uses a disposable wooden spatula stick to apply it. She’ll likely put on what feels like a few layers, and move the stick around in a few directions, and then leave one edge with some extra wax. Over the next minute or so, the wax will harden slightly during which time your therapist will likely apply wax to another area to save time. She will then ‘pat’ the wax to check how soft or hard it is – waxing it off prematurely will be less effective. Once ready, she will peel away at that corner where she added more wax (for grip purposes) and then wax off the entire piece. So no wax strip involved, you can just directly peel off this wax.

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You may be wondering, why do two such different types of wax exist? Is one better for certain areas? Well, yes, typically strip wax is used for larger areas as it is much quicker to apply and remove. It’s almost always used for areas like legs, arms and back. It’s generally better for thicker or less sensitive skin as it grips strongly to both the hair and skin. When used on sensitive skin, it can lead to bruising, tearing and ingrown hairs – not fun!

Hot wax is very suitable for waxing sensitive areas or thicker hair. Which is why it’s often the wax of choice for Bikini/Hollywood/Brazilian waxes, underarm wax and sometimes facial waxing too. As the wax is left on the skin for up to a minute, the heat opens the pores and hair follicles allowing the hair to wax out much more easily. This should theoretically be less painful. It also has a stronger grip on the hairs, which makes it ideal for thicker more stubborn hair. It can even wax hairs of 1mm in length!

When you think about it, strip and hot wax are almost complementary. They each have their pros and cons, and where one fails, the other does a better job. A bit of yin-yang!

What to Do or Not to do

You may have seen a long list of what to do or not to do Before & After Waxing , somehow the treatment seems scary for the first time Client
But this is not a complicated procedure.

There is just few things to remember

  • Take a shower and Exfoliate before and do not put any kind of body lotion or cream.
  • Take a shower after and not use any products contained Fragrance.
  • Stretch the areas where the practitioner is Waxing and always look for practitioners guidance.
  • Avoid sun-bed, Sauna, steam-room and hot shower for 24 hours.
  • After the treatment Use tea-tree or any other sooting oils
  • Do Not shave Anymore and love your Skin